Fall Try-Outs & Elgibility


The teams comprise at least 20 players (possibly 21 or 22) and all players must be eligible to play for the CHSAA RVHS High School Varsity/JV teams.  This is a requirement to allow us to be eligible for the national tournament.  If you make the fall Mustang Varsity/JV(Midget) teams, it does not guarantee you a spot on the RVHS CHSAA Varsity/JV teams, as there will be a separate tryout date in November in order to abide by CHSAA bylaws.  

Grades and eligibility will also be checked bi-weekly during the fall season.  The coaches will use at the minimum CHSAA guidelines to measure weekly eligibility (cannot have two or more F’s); however, the head coach may have stricter guidelines as education is as important as being on a team.  Grades will need to be turned in during the fall season.  If you are ineligible for a week, you are also ineligible for that week’s on-ice practices.  You are still expected to show up to practice, but instead of being on the ice, you will be in the stands working on schoolwork.   School expectations will be covered after the team formation.


Option 1: If you are only interested in the Mustang Hockey Varsity team and do not plan to try out for the Mustang Hockey Fall JV(Midget) team you only need to register with Mustang Hockey.

Option 2 (recommended): If you are planning to try out for the Mustang JV(Midget) team if you don't make the Mustang Varsity team, register with both Arvada Hockey and Mustang Hockey.

o   CPHL VARSITY PREP T2, CPHL JV, RMHF Minor are all options for this team.

o   Arvada Hockey is committed to ensuring that the Mustang JV(Midget) team is placed in the best league for their competition and development.

Option 3: If you want to only try out for the Mustang JV(Midget) team, registration for Mustang Hockey is NOT required.  Register with Arvada Hockey Association.

Please remember players making either Fall team are not guaranteed a spot on the Ralston Valley High School CHSAA Varsity/JV team.  Being on a lower team does not disqualify players from making a higher team during the CHSAA tryouts in November.  A separate registration, payment, and tryouts will be done in November for the Ralston Valley CHSAA Varsity/JV team.

You do not need to complete Ralston Valley High School athletic registration.  This will be done in October.  See Winter (CHSAA) page for additional information.

Upon making the team, the following forms need to be turned in by first day of practice.


Tryouts will take place early to mid August. There will be several sessions to properly evaluate the players.

Each session will begin around 4pm timeframe. A member of the coaching staff will be in the lobby 30 minutes before to start checking in players.  They will be assigned a bib on the first day.  Players should plan on bringing a white and dark jersey.

After each session, a list of players will be posted to attend the Arvada Midget tryouts for Mustangs JV(Midget) team. Those not on the list will continue with the Varsity evaluation process until the final day of tryouts.

Tryout evaluations will be based on performance, skill level, on-ice aptitude, competence, and attitude. A few factors that will not influence evaluation decisions: age, gender, race, past experience, previous discussions, and relationships.


For the Mustang Varsity 2023 season, some soft apparel such as a practice jersey, helmet decals, and team apparel are included in their club registration dues. These will be ordered in the first week of the season.  

Mustang JV(Midget) practice jersey, helmet decals, and training apparel are separate from the Arvada Hockey registration dues and team budget.  These are separate costs.

Additional items not included with the player club registration:


Mustang Varsity:

If you make the Mustang Varsity team, Arvada Hockey Association will refund you the Arvada registration fee as Mustang Varsity will now fall under the Mustang Hockey Club.  You need to check with other associations for their refund policy before registering.

The price for the season will be TBD for a new player (did not play on a CPHL Mustang Hockey or CHSAA Ralston Valley HS Hockey team last year).

The price for the season will be TBD for any returning player (played on a CPHL Mustang Hockey or CHSAA Ralston Valley HS Hockey team last year).

Upon making the team, families will have an option for a full payment or 2 payments plan with a $100 administrative fee added.

** There will be a $250 late fee added if payments are not made on time. If arrangements need to be made for payment plans, please contact info@ralstonvalleyhockey.com**

All payments will be made via checks made out to Mustang Hockey. No coaches will be responsible for transporting checks. If payments are made electronically, the user will be responsible for any processing fees.

Club registration includes a practice jersey, helmet decals, 2 in-state tournaments, 1 out-of-state tournament (including coaches' travel expense), off-ice training, and league/club-related expenses. It does NOT include the player's travel expenses to any tournaments; moreover, club registration does not include SilverSticks International Championship nor USA Hockey National Championship. Additional costs ice practice slots, tournament fees, and coaches' expenses may incur if the team wins SilverSticks Regional and/or CPHL State Championship. The player's travel expenses are the player's family's responsibility for all tournaments.

Mustang JV(Midget):

Mustang JV(Midget) falls under Arvada Hockey Association. Registration due is paid through Arvada Hockey Association. The team dues and Mustang jerseys/soft goods are separate costs. Check should be made out to Mustang Hockey

The price for the season for the jerseys for new players (did not play on a CPHL Mustang Hockey team or CHSAA Ralston Valley High School Hockey team last year) will be TBD. Check should be made out to Mustang Hockey.

The coach and team manager will provide a team budget for tournaments, travel expenses, gym training, etc.  Additional checks will be made out to Arvada Hockey Midget AA/A.


AUGUST 7, 2023

If your number is listed below, please attend the Arvada CPHL T2 Tryouts next week.